Interview with Iowa Geocachers

This months interview is with Des Moines area geocachers Mon”rose”, Sue and Mark Monroe.

They were among the first people to allow us to tag along with them at events and enjoy the day together.

Sue, how did you get your handle? Well, basically we trying to think of a name. Our son said to change the last part of our name to “rose”.

When did you started caching? Starting date was Mother's Day of 2005, when Sue got her first GPS unit. Boasark (Jan Anderson) and Iowa Copper were leading a girl scout leader retreat. They had a class called geocaching. My assistant and I hadn't taken the class before because we thought it was about rocks. We attended this time and wow! After the retreat I went home saying this was so great and it was something I could do with my kids. She was hooked.

Sue has since taught Girl and Boy Scouts geocaching herself.

Did your kids go caching with you? (Sue and Mark have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.) Yes when they were little. The teen years came up and they stopped....they decided they didn't like poison ivy, ticks and mosquitoes. The 2 boys still sometimes cache.

Sue and Mark go out and still chase those FTF's. With 104 hides and 9062 finds, they have been been to 2 countries; 17 states, also 2 provinces in Canada.

They have been to 6 megas and so many events in 12 years of caching. They have hosted 3 events and helped with many others. And they are still running on those middle of the night FTF's.

Sue adds, ”It's one of the best hobbies I have found for families, and as a couple as we are gettting older and toward retirement we can still keep it as a hobby. We have made so many wonderful friends through geocaching.”