Interview with an Iowa Geocacher

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MizLinnie who is Lynn Shoberg from northwest Iowa. I met her at Hike-n-Seek in Okoboji. I was bidding against her for one of the caches, after her bid I walked up to her to ask for her pen, then promptly used it to write a bid against her. She called me on it; that's when I knew we would be friends. By the way, she kept the pen after that.

Her caching name actually came from her job. “One of my past bosses always called me Linnie (not sure why - lol) and the husband of the cacher that started me called me Miss Linnie so when I needed an email account without spaces I shortened it. Grumpy of course is my other half...and well, the name fits.”

Lynn lives in an area of Iowa that doesn't have a lot of cachers, but those that are near her are the greatest of friends. That's how she started in caching with some friends out of Rhode Island taking her out. Later, she got her family and friends involved and helped them become cachers too. Besides her husband, her granddaughter and frequent caching companion is PeanutGirl04.

Teaching has become a living for Lynn off and on and now on again, with little ones this go around. That also includes teaching geocaching 101 classes for groups and individuals.

Lynn and her husband made 3000 just lately. She has been to 3 Hike-n-Seeks. I hope Ames will be her fourth.

Lynn likes caches that take her to interesting places, parks, cemetaries, earth caches, or hidden gems “like the Tressel Bridge cache near Hartley, Iowa. Literally in our back yard but had never heard of it.”

Lynn adds, “In the beginning, it was the fun finding the caches, now we have great friends we have met through caching. some are long distance like you and Hill Folk, 24Hawki, some are closer. We love caching with one or two others because the fun seems to mulitply. Most weekends you will find us with Moviecatz whereever the caching takes us. Sometimes it's JMMartins that meet up with us, but whoever it is, what happens caching stays caching...unless it makes it to Facebook. LOL.”