IGO People's Choice Awards-Winners

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Starting April 8, 2018 - Ending May 22, 2018 Expired

The Winners of the IGO People's Choice Awards!

We would like to Congratulate the following cachers

Outstanding Event

It was a tie..

GC6XWRY - Seventy Is Just Thirteen in Scrabble! by S47fish

GC7EE58  - 2nd Annual Holiday Micro Container Exchange by croling

Most Extreme Cache

GC7CPYQ - You'll Float Too...JSmiles07

Best Online Photo 2017

GC404HC - photo by croling

Outstanding Series

GC72D24 - Aviation Series by CaptainJ

GC78KK9 -Indee Mustangs by Nascar Joe

Most Creative

GC7CPYQ - You'll Float Too...by JSmiles07

Best Geoart

GC78KK9 - Indee Mustangs by Nascar Joe (shape of a mustang head)

Best Online Log

GC6TBNE - log by 2RottonPears

Most Facorited

GC6YA4P - Charge It! by croling