Coming Soon... Happy Trails Geo-Art

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Howdy everyone.

I am new here on the forums from Sioux Falls SD. I just wanted to do some shameless promotion here for a brand new Geoart project I've been working on this winter that should be going live On April 29th 2017 in the NW corner of the state near Larchwood.

I'm working out the details on a launch date event that should be published in the next few days. (i'm hoping to have located at Lake Pahoja - only downside is that it will require a $5 entry fee per vehicle to get into the park)

It consists of 101 Mystery/Puzzle caches with a bonus cache that will require you to find 4 specially marked caches that will contain part of the missing coordinates to locate the final Regular sized cache which contains lots of swag and a commemorative Happy Trails pathtag.