Bucky's Good Eats!

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Bucky's Good Eats!

This year Bucky has been thinking about the best places to find the best burgers, best steaks, fine dining, cultural cuisine, eclectic eats in all 99 counties in Iowa.

Now, Bucky wants you to visit some of these places.

Since Bucky's map of Iowa counties has been divided into 4 color groups, those are the 4 color groups we will be using.  You will need to take a picture with the business behind you to get credit for visiting.  You either need to be in the picture or have a "mascot" in the picture with a sign that says "Bucky Good Eats" to prove you were there.  You must include the name of the Resturant and the County with your pictures.  If you do not meet all the rules, your picture will not be recorded.

Send your pictures to
and earn an entry into each drawing.

Starting today, and continuing through August 31st, 2018, you can visit as many Restaurants as you wish.  A separate prize drawing will be held for each of the 4 color groups of counties.  Each Resturant you find will make your eligible for the prize drawing for that group.  One winner will be drawn for each of the 4 color groups, and 1 winner will be drawn from those that found all 99 resturants.  There will be a new winner for each drawing/you can only win one prize.  The drawing will be held at Hike and Seek 2018 in Quad Cities September 22.

You also get a pathtag (just made for the challenge) in September for participating.  By participating you have to have at least one qualifing entry email.

There are attachments for you.  There is a list of the Restaurants and a sign you can hold up while taking your picture, both in PDF format, and the resturants listed in a GPX file for download.

If you have any questions please send to the email above, Bucky will respond to you.

If you right click on the files below you will be able to download.

We have a couple of corrections, so make sure your looking at v.2

1) Salt House Saloon should be Safe House Saloon

2) Salvators Ristorante Coords are N41° 25.365' W91° 02.589' NOT W92

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